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What Former Nominees Had To Say

Image by Scott Webb
Oscar LB Moore
1998 - Nominee
Excellence in Academics Winner
T. G. Glover Primary School
Currently: Engineer, Google LLC

No man is an island.” - John Donne 1624 When I reflect on the blessings in my life, many, if not all the memories circle back to thehelping hand of a teacher, the guidance of a counselor, the encouragement from my parents, and the helpful advice from my friends. I owe all the successes in my life and career to the incredible people around me and the community from which I came. My nomination for the second inaugural Bahamas Primary Student of the Year Award(1998) was completely out of my hands; I recall vividly the morning my 6th-grade teacher, Mrs. Turner, sweetly but authoritatively told me I would be representing our school in the award ceremony; most importantly with the honor of meeting the Governor-General of TheBahamas. Mrs. Turner, like all the teachers who took me under their wings at T.G. GloverPrimary, only ever pushed me to success, and much like before, I trusted her guidance. As a child, I was terribly shy, and the thought of meeting the Governor-General in front of other successful students (who most certainly must be smarter than me!) shook my self-esteem. Mrs.Turner could sense my emotions before I timidly expressed them. Her reassuring hand on my shoulder and supportive smile were all I needed to step forward confidently and accept an award for Excellence in Academics.With the many steps, I’ve taken since, including walking the stage to accept my B.Sc inComputer Science at Trent University (Ontario, Canada), working as a management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers (London, UK), and currently a Customer Engineer at Google (Miami, FL) I recall often the encouragement and confidence I gained being recognized as a Student of the Year from my school of T.G. Glover. Where some may think a good education is only available to the privileged, I am an example of what can be gained at any school; with the right attitude and great teachers. I encourage all the primary school students to stick closely to your teachers, and absorb as much as you can. Every step you takeis one on the journey of your success.



Professional Baseball Player in San Francisco Lucius Fox gives the Giants an exciting prospect.



I Am A Living Testimony That With God, All Things Are Possible And HE Indeed Orders Our Steps. It Has Been Almost Seven Years Since I Competed For The Coveted Bahamas Primary School Student Of The Year Title. I Count It An Honor And Privilege To Have Been Nominated To Have Represented The Jolly Giant Giants Of St. Johns College (A Big Thank-You). Although Hesitate To Compete, My Mom Mrs. Dotlee Fox, Took The Bull By The Horn And We Gave It Our Best Shot. Although I Did Not Win The Title, My Family And I Were Grateful That I Was Chosen As The 4th Runner$3,000.00 Scholarship By Commonwealth Bank (Thanks For Investing In My Future). This Enabled Me To Realize One Of My Dreams- To Attend The Great St Augustine‘s College For The 2009/2010 Academic Years. During The Fall, Sac’s Softball Team Competed In The Bahamas Secondary Schools Softball Tournament And Won The Coveted Title.

Another Exciting Moment Happened During The Summer Of 2010, The Freedom Farm Baseball League 12-U Participated In 2010 Cal-Ripken World Series In August –WOW. What Seemed To Be Impossible With Man, Turn To Be Possible With God Because It Was A Great Struggle But God Had It All Planned For Our Good So That He Would Get The Glory. This Confirms My Belief That Hard Work And Determination Pays Off.


Thanks To My Coaches Greg Burrows Jr & Sr. And The Other Coaches. Another Twist In The Road Came When God Open Another Door For Me And Ordered My Steps To Attend American Heritage School Of Boca /Delray At The Tender Age Of 12. While Many Thought This Would Be Frightening Experience, My Parents And I Eagerly Embraced The Opportunity To Interact With Children All Over The World And Also Gain More Knowledge And Exposure. Nevertheless, I Still Love My Home And I Am Grateful To My Bahamian Teachers, Coaches, Church And Supported Who Planted The Seed, While Others Water It And Watch God Give The Increase.

Hats Off To Dr. Ricardo P. Deveaux CEO, Officers And Members Of The Bahamas Primary School Student Of The Year Foundation Organizers, Sponsors And Supporters Of This Great Awards Program For Using The Wisdom That God Has Given To Seek And Identify The Brightest Minds That Our Country Has To Offer And Enable Others Like Me To Take Advantage Of The Golden Opportunities Available Which Will Continue To Aid In Molding And Shaping Our Lives So That We Can One Day Become Productive Citizens And Give Back And Help Others To Realize Their Dreams And Aspirations.

Tamsin Nottage

Currently High School Senior

The Bahamas Primary School Student Of The Year Experience Was Once In A Lifetime Opportunity. I Was Extremely Honored To Be Chosen To Represent Lyford Cay International School In The Competition And Am Grateful For All Of The Hard Work My School, Teachers, Family, and Coaches Put In To Assist Me In Doing Well. In The End, This Gracious Help And Support Ensured My Success In The Competition And I Joyfully And Gratefully Accepted The Prestigious Award For The First Runner Up.

This Experience Was Amazing One For Me, As I Was Able To Define Myself As A Student ,Discovering Who I Really Was And What I Was Capable Of Doing . In Addition To This Competition Such As The Bahamas Primary School Student Of The Year Allow Children From Different Schools All Over The Bahamas To Interact With One Another. This Was My Favorite Part Of The Competition, Because It Was Always My Goal To Make New Friends. As A Result Of Participating In The Bahamas Primary School Student Of The Year Competition. I Have The Self-Confidence To Strive To Achieve My Full Potential In School And In Life. I Am Extremely Grateful To The Foundation For This Tremendous Opportunity.

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