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Become a Donor For The 2023 Awards Program
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The Board of Directors of The Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Foundation, in partnership with the Nassau, Bahamas Pan-Hellenic Council, is currently conducting a national search to locate the BEST and BRIGHTEST primary school students in The Bahamas. We are expecting over One hundred (100) students will be nominated for the 2023 Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Awards Program.


Please download the application and fill it out selecting the type of sponsorship you would like. Your sponsorship will make a difference in the life of our future leaders today.

The Levels of Sponsorship

Scholarship Sponsor
(Scholarship Funds are paid directly to the recipient's institution of choice.)

Patron’s Sponsor - $3,000 Scholarship (or higher)   [ ]                                        

Chairman’s Sponsor - $2,000.00 Scholarship (or higher)  [ ]                       
President’s Sponsor - $1,500.00 Scholarship  [ ]                                           
Vice-President’s Sponsor - $1,000.00 Scholarship  [ ]        

Program Sponsor
(These funds assist in carrying out the work of the Awards Program.)

Patron’s Sponsor - $3,000 Scholarship (Or Higher)  [ ]

Chairman’s Sponsor - $2,000.00 Donation (Or Higher) [ ]

President’s Sponsor - $1,500.00 Donation [ ]

Vice-President’s Sponsor - $1,000.00 Donation [ ]

Director’s Sponsor - $750.00 Donation [ ]

Individual Sponsor

(Individual sponsors can purchase one (1) trophy at $25.00 each or sponsor the airline transportation of one (1) Family Island scholar at $100.00 each; computer sponsorship at $600.00 each)

Please indicate the number of each item selected. 

Trophy [ ] Airline Transportation [ ]  Computer / Laptop Sponsor [ ]

Amount Of Donation: _______



Organization: __________________________________________________

Name:  _______________________________________________________

Position: ______________________ Telephone: _______________________

Postal Address: _________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________ Fax: ________________________

All Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to:  Bahamas Student of the Year


Mail to:     Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Foundation,            

                   P.O.Box N-8059, Nassau, Bahamas        Telephone: 242-364-4889


All Funds must be submitted on or before: February 24th, 2023.

The Bahamas Primary School Student of the Year Foundation Scholarship Sponsors

The minimum annual award (or annual donor contribution) to establish a named scholarship shall be $1,000 per year. Lesser contributions will be gratefully received and added to an existing scholarship fund of the donor's choice.


Type of scholarship fund that can be established:


Scholarship in memoriam – Given in honour of a deceased family member to a deserving recipient. Example: The Juan Deveaux Memorial Scholarship


Corporate Scholarship – Given by a corporate entity to a deserving recipient. Example: The Fidelity Bank Bahamas Scholarship


Benefactor Scholarship – Given by an individual or on behalf of an individual to a deserving recipient. Example: The Mitchell Legacy Scholarship


All scholarships must be fully paid in advance by the donor and accepted by The Foundation prior to February 24th, 2023. Scholarship not received by the date will note be listed in the booklet.


The donor acknowledges that The Foundation has selected an independent panel of judges to identify the recipient of the scholarship to be offered.



Scholarship / Sponsorship Donor Benefits


The Foundation will afford the following benefits to individuals who contribute to the Awards Program as a scholarship / sponsorship donor:


  • Transportation, individual and corporate sponsors who contribute $50.00 or more will be acknowledged in the official publications of the Awards Program and on the Foundation website;


  • Scholarship and sponsorship donations between $250.00 - $1,000.00 will receive a half page advertisement in the       commemorative souvenir journal;


  • Scholarship and sponsorship donations in excess of $1,500.00 will receive a full page advertisement in the commemorative souvenir journal for the Awards Ceremony;


  • The top three scholarship / sponsorship donors in excess of $4,000.00 will receive cover page advertisement in the commemorative souvenir journal;


  • Scholarship donors will have the opportunity to have a representative present their scholarship at the Awards Program.

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